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It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate of finasteride and paracetamol, and also used in the production of para-aminophenol. In dye industry, it is used as intermediate of Grass Green GN, Sulfurized Reduction Black GL, Sulfurized Reduction Black CL, CLB, Sulfurized Red Brown B3R, Sulfurized Reduction Blue RNX, etc. In the pesticide industry, it is used as intermediate of insecticide 1605 and intermediate of methyl 1605
  • Product description

    Product Name: p-Nitrophenol
    English name: P-Nitrophenol
    Molecular formula:C6H5NO3
    Molecular Weight: 139.12
    Appearance:Light yellow to brown crystals.
    Melting point: 111-114 ºC
    Water content: ≤0.3%
    Packing: 50 kg paper-plastic bag